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Date:  15-Mar-2023
Company:  Greenpeace East Asia


Purpose and Scope of the Job

Greenpeace East Asia's Fundraising & Engagement department has shifted to a regional and more sophisticated Salesforce CRM system to manage its growing supporter base. The fundraising coordinator will support the new CRM system using a strong understanding of data analytics, based on the supporter journey (financial or non-financial). (L1-L4)

The Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for the donor acquisition activities in the HK, TW, KR, or JP market and focuses on ensuring the financial goals through various donor acquisition channels such as DRTV (Direct Response TV), Digital Fundraising, Telephone Fundraising and Direct Dialogue Campaign or other Donor Acquisition channels. (L1-L4)



The role will be required to develop, coordinate, and execute fundraising campaigns through various channels (e.g. Cable TV, nationwide TV, digital media, telefundraising, SMS, email, street, and events, etc.). Also, it is expected to work closely with relevant internal teams and vendors to grow a donor base to support our environmental campaign work. (L1-L4)

Job responsibilities

Donor Acquisition - 1st Year Journey Coordination and Project Management 

  • Implement the strategy and plan of the assigned Donor Acquisition (1st Year Journey) channels for the HK, TW, KR, or JP individual giving program (For detailed work tasks, please refer to the appendix) (L1-L4)

  • Manage successful partnerships and coordinate with internal teams and external suppliers to maximize their performance. (L1-L4)

  • Coordinate the 1st year journey communication content within the Fundraising & Engagement Department and also the Program Department. (L1-L4)

  • Develop the contents & design of the 1st Year Journey email in the marketing technology tool e.g. Marketing Cloud. (L1-L4)

  • Coordinate and communicate with the relevant staff to run the 1st Year Journey in Marketing Cloud and ensure that maximizing the fundraising result includes Improving the retention rate, increasing the income, and new donor counts. (L1-L4)

  • Ensure that income and donor projections of the assigned donor acquisition channels are on track for the different time periods (monthly, quarterly, and annually) (L1-L4)

  • Develop a solid fundraising strategy of the assigned Donor Acquisition 1st Year Journey channels to meet the departmental and organizational goals. (L1-L4)

Reporting, Performance Monitoring, and Management

  • Analyse the whole 1st year journey develop insights to increase the journey performance to align with team and department KPI’s (L1-L4)

  • Daily, weekly, monthly tracking of the new donor development income and cost and strive to achieve efficiency goals. (L1-L4)

  • Analyse the data from analytics tools (Google Analytics, Civis, etc.) and make data driven business decisions, and report back to the line manager regularly. (L1-L4)

  • Monitoring the performance and KPIs of the assigned donor acquisition channels and the inbound communication (e.g Cancellation) so as to modify the strategy if needed to achieve the objectives and goals of the donor acquisition & retention of the donors. (L1-L4)

Job responsibilities

Donor Acquisition - 1st Year Journey Execution 

  • Work with various teams to generate fundraising content (email, blog, Direct Dialogue & TM script, social media ad, 1st year journey emails, etc.) and deliver this content to our target audience, to support new donor development. (L1-L4)

  • Utilise marketing automation tools (e.g. Marketing Cloud) to operate emails, SMS and also manage call cases using the relevant CRM system such as Salesforce, and the Telefundraising portal. (L1-L4)

  • Continually update new features on the donor acquisition channels & 1st Year Journey to make the best use of new opportunities. (L1-L4)

  • Lead and execute test plans to increase team key metrics. Innovate through testing and working with the in-house developers. (L1-L4)

  • Administration of the Donor Acquisition program to generate the new donors in HK, TW, KR, or JP market including documentation of the Donor Acquisition program, recruitment of in-house Callers and Fundraisers, hiring external vendors and Invoicing etc. (L1-L4)

  • Understand the target audience and utilize the various local/regional campaigns and external opportunities to communicate with the target audience, and to retain our financial supporters. (L1-L4)

Cross Functional Team Collaboration and Information Sharing

  • Share the success stories to the wider fundraising folks such as GPEA FR&E department, and GPI digital folks. (L1-L4)

  • Map out and monitor local trends in both online and new media markets, and share these opportunities with the teams. (L1-L4)

  • Work closely with Community Outreach Campaign teams, and project teams to leverage the fundraising (Donor Acquisition - 1st Year Journey) opportunities. (L1-L4)

  • Line management of the relevant team members e.g. Fundraisers, Callers, Digital Fundraising officer/Fundraising Coordinator, event / outreach planner to ensure the financial goals are achieved (Depends on the assigned Donor Acquisition - 1st year journey Channels) (L1-L4)

Job responsibilities

Competencies Profile

Act with integrity
Demonstrate Expertise
Demonstrate Resilience
Champion for Change
Strive for Result & Quality
Coordinate & Implement Plans
Build Support (financial & non-financial)
Engage Supporters (FR)

Skills and Expertise required

  • Experience working across a multi-channel acquisition program. 

  • Experience analysing & presenting project data with strong attention to detail.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, team-oriented, ability to work with internal departments and regional teams.

  • 3-5 years of relevant work experience in marketing, fundraising, or relevant field

  • Good Project Management / Coordination Skill

  • Good Performance Management Skill and problem solving skills

Specific Work Environment

Compensation Info

Job Segment: Digital Media, Fundraising, Project Manager, Performance Management, TV, Publishing, Nonprofit, Technology, Human Resources, Creative

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