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Date:  29-Sep-2022
Company:  Greenpeace East Asia

Purpose and Scope of the Job

The position holder is required to possess deep expertise in the investor and corporate sector and how they are tackling climate emergency. This is strategically important for Greenpeace East Asia (GPEA) in its efforts to accelerate the wider corporate sector to race towards carbon neutrality in mainland China and East Asia.  Based on the postholder’s knowledge and skills, which are built through years of training and professional works, he/she is expected to increase GPEA’s capability to build better strategy on engaging climate investors and agencies, realise strategies through designing new tools, systems or campaigns related to ESG and wider corporate engagement purpose. He/she should also create 'paths' for the strategy to be realized.

This position will focus on designing new and improving existing components that are crucial for fulfilling organization's strategy on the corporate sector. He/she is responsible for providing critical and irreplaceable contribution to designing and implementation of corporate-related campaign projects, systems and tools.

Job responsibilities

Build Investor Engagement Strategy Under the Overarching Strategy on the Corporate Sector
●    Design new climate investor engagement strategy based on the current scope, ambition, and goals of the corporate strategy in mainland China.
●    Design and propose projects both in short and long-term to fulfill the proposed strategy directions.
●    Build up the investor engagement system and set standards in terms of the organizational structure to enable the organization to exert wider impacts on the investor group. Facilitate review and adjust the system while staying up to date with changes. 
●    Outline the vision, long-term goal and path for the organization to effectively engage investor circle. 
●    Understand at least one other East Asian markets (such as Hong Kong, South Korea or Japan) on climate engagement works among the corporate sectors. Be able to co-create campaign strategies under these market contexts. 

Play Leadership in Implementation of Campaign Strategy and Projects

●    Provide leadership to the concept development, resource mobilization, project management as well as quality outputs to achieve well integrated and impactful campaign work. 
●    Make timely strategic adjustment according to internal and external changes to ensure the successful achievements of the project's objectives.

Represent and Build a Strong Network with Key Stakeholders

●    Actively represent Greenpeace among the targeted groups in the investor sector to achieve campaign objectives and strengthen the profile and credibility of Greenpeace. 
●    Liaise and build relationships with key stakeholders in accordance with the area of specialization and campaign strategies.

Provide Critical Contribution to Other Corporate Campaigns 

●    Provide systematic expertise in the office with respect to engage climate investors and to strengthen expertise in the office.
●    Maintain high-level of knowledge and keep abreast of the current and emerging developments relating to the areas including but not limited to ESG, sustainable investment, Climate Info Disclosure, etc. Bring back the insights and resources to the organization for campaign use. 
●    Provide strategic advice to projects which require engagement with the investor group. Support campaign projects which are related to the areas including but limited to ESG, sustainable investment, Climate Info Disclosure, etc.
●    Act as spokesperson, participate in conferences and make public and stakeholder speeches in accordance with the area of specialization and campaign strategies.
●    Liaise with related peers in other Greenpeace offices and Greenpeace International for exchange, mutual support and collaboration. 

Advise/Coach/Mentor Wider Corporate-related Issues
●    Provide informal leadership from the area of specialization including advising, coaching or mentoring. Motivate and facilitate the work of staff. Inspire and encourage staff to be innovative in all aspects of their work.
●    Provide community leadership. Recruit, cultivate and manage issue communities to preserve and develop core expertise for the organization.  Encourage knowledge sharing & learning culture in the office wide. 

Competencies Profile

Demonstrate Expertise
Empower & Enable People
Build Networks (internal & external)
Strategic Thinking
Develop Plans
Negotiate with Others (internal & external)
Champion for Change
Strive for Result & Quality
Act with integrity

Skills and Expertise required

Specific Work Environment


Job Segment: Project Manager, Investment, Technology, Finance

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