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Date:  17 May 2024
Company:  Greenpeace East Asia




Purpose and Scope of the Job

The fundamental function of this position is to ensure integrity and accuracy of the financial transactions by proactively enforcing financial internal controls, follow procedures and accounting guidelines, and comply with local relevant law, timelines for reporting and other requirements from various governmental bodies.

By succeeding on the above, this position feeds into the reporting cycles that provide an accurate picture on the financial resources and assets of Greenpeace East Asia. This implies verifying that documentation for payments complies with the relevant tax requirements, producing cash flow forecasts, monitor budget usage of local projects, feed information into the accounting software, amongst other tasks described in detail below.


As a result, this position has a close interaction with external auditors, bank executives, tax advisors, officials from the relevant governmental bodies, and other parties related with financial matters.

Job responsibilities

Understand generally accepted accounting principles, both as per local regulations and as per Greenpeace's standards, and apply them into daily accounting operation.

Carry out comprehensive study and research on relevant accounting, taxation and other compliance matters on NGOs operation in the respective location.

Contribute to the annual planning process, particularly with regards to budgeting and forecasting. This position provides historic income and expenditure information of our operation in [location], and by compiling and reviewing departmental budgets, creates estimates of future requirements.

Proactively create general financial reports and analyses that may be of value for decision-making to the management and/or budget holders.

Monitor and be responsible for the daily accounting operation, including handling accounts payable, receivable, bank accounts transfers and balances, and other assets of GP EA.

Post the financial transactions (via uploading a MS Excel template) to our accounting system (SUN accounting).

With the support of the Staff [and Junior] Accountant, verify that documentation for payments comply with the relevant tax requirements and that expenses submitted for payment fulfil our internal policies.

Produce monthly and annual cash flow forecasts, taking into account income and expenditure forecasts.

Ensure monthly reconciliations of income and bank account balances are timely and accurately made in collaboration with the fundraising team.

Monitor budget usage of local and global campaign projects, and inform budget holders and the Finance Manager on deviations from budgeted results.

Obtain detailed budgets from the relevant project leaders in the responsible office and/or in other Greenpeace offices in order to compile funding agreements for global campaigns. Liaise with the appropriate parties in the International office to complete these funding agreements as per their requirements.

Liaise with finance representatives from receiving offices to gather all required evidence of expenditure (e.g. invoices, CPA reports) to fulfil the requirements of local tax authorities on international campaigns funding.

Occasionally, translate relevant accounting, taxation and compliance documents to English to keep the management well informed on applicable regulations.

Supervise, coach and train the Staff [and Junior] Accountant.

Provides guidance and updated information to the staff in the responsible office regarding internal policies and procedures, taxation and other compliance regulations. This is made both on an ad hoc basis but also as regular formal training and induction sessions.

Support the Finance Manager or Directors with handling assigned ad hoc projects.

Coordinate the annual process for submission of the business plan, fundraising permit and the corresponding report back to the appropriate government offices.

Collaborate with other members of the Finance team in compiling the consolidated audit report and financial reports and year end reports required by Greenpeace International as per our internal NRO Management and Reporting Standards and according to the timelines indicated in the international finance calendar. Assist Deputy Finance Director or Finance Director on Business Review Narrative and Financial Data Annual reporting. 

Diligently take care of and protect the keys, cards, passwords and any other access mechanisms this position might be assigned to access Greenpeace's assets and/or privileged information, as well as all related documents.

Comply with Greenpeace policies at all times regarding funding sources, confidentiality, data handling, etc.

Competencies Profile

Act with integrity
Take Responsibility & Initiative
Demonstrate Resilience
Demonstrate Expertise
Prioritize & Organize Work
Strive for Result & Quality
Coordinate & Implement Plans
Negotiate with Others (internal & external)
Critical Thinking
Resolve Conflicts (internal)

Skills and Expertise required

Accounting theory, practice & software.
Finance management, analysis and reporting (including use of reporting software).
Internal control and auditing.
Cash flow reporting.
Tax law and external governance reporting.

Specific Work Environment

Works in a standard office environment, and is frequently required to travel to other Greenpeace offices or locations which require the presence of Greenpeace representatives.
Discretion and confidentiality.


Job Segment: Accounts Payable, Compliance, Accounts Receivable, Bank, Banking, Finance, Legal

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