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Date:  08-Sep-2022
Company:  Greenpeace East Asia

Purpose and Scope of the Job

Overall purpose of the job

The overall aim of Greenpeace’s community engagement is to help win our campaigns and strengthen our connection with society. This position contributes to those aims by supporting communities in winning specific project aims, providing opportunity for volunteers to participate in Greenpeace activities and helping Greenpeace be visibly active in the world.


The Community Outreach Campaigner works with project teams to identify, develop  and implement strategic opportunities for community engagement activities to advance specific project objectives.

The position is also responsible for systems, processes and activities that develop and maintain an active relationship with willing volunteers that wish to get involved in supporting the mission of Greenpeace. It works with online engagement, fundraising and actions team to provide an integrated supporter journey for Greenpeace financial and non-financial supporter,. and to strengthen the role of people power in making change.

The Community Outreach Campaigner should be aware of external trends in community engagement in their local area, as well as emerging ideas and practises domestically and internationally.

Job responsibilities

Conceptual tasks and Strategy development

- Work with Greenpeace project teams to identify opportunities for volunteers to contribute to campaign and organisational objectives

- Work with Greenpeace project teams to identify strategically influential communities and  develop strategies that enable them to work toward specific project goals

- In conjunction with other teams, ensure opportunities for volunteering are an integrated part of the wider organisation supporter journey


- Work with project-identified communities to encourage and support their involvement in specific campaigns

- Recruit volunteers with the commitment to the objectives and values of Greenpeace

- Implement volunteer engagement systems to efficiently manage their engagement in Greenpeace’s operations. Maintain, evaluate and where necessary adapt these systems to improve their effectiveness.

- Manage volunteer aspects of Greenpeace related activities as required

- Maintain an active relationship with volunteers through regular communication and by providing consistent opportunities for involvement

- Network with relevant local ngo’s and community as required

- Experiment with innovative tactics that build support and amplify impact to inspire others.

- Monitor/Evaluate the performance of community engagement activities and wider program



- Support communities to develop relevant knowledge or skills that enable their participation in campaigns

- Provide coaching/training to volunteers as necessary

- Ensure Greenpeace staff recognise how community engagement can be beneficial in achieving campaign and organizational goals


Compliance/ Keeping Framework Conditions

- Manage budget designated for managing community outreach programs

- Ensure that the community outreach program complies with Greenpeace policies and relevant laws

Competencies Profile

Act with integrity
Build Networks (internal & external)
Build Support (financial & non-financial)
Champion for Change
Coordinate & Implement Plans
Critical Thinking
Demonstrate Resilience
Influence Others (internal & external)
Make Decisions
Resolve Conflicts (internal)
Take Responsibility & Initiative
Work with Others

Skills and Expertise required

Volunteer recruitment and management

Event logistics

Specific Work Environment

The position works in a standard office environment, and is required to travel to other Greenpeace offices, campaign locations or locations where environmental problems require the presence of Greenpeace representatives.

Often works after hours and on weekends to allow for volunteers availability


시민참여 캠페이너

(13개월 산휴휴가 계약직, 정규직 전환없음)


[업무 내용]
- 온오프라인 행사 기획 및 진행, 대행사 관리
- 자원봉사자 및 시민 참여 프로그램 개발
- 자원봉사자 모집 관련 홍보 및 마케팅
- 자원봉사자 트레이닝 모듈 개발
- 자원봉사자 응대, 개인정보 및 이력관리


[지원 자격]
- 온오프라인 행사기획 및 운영 경력 2년 이상
- 해외 여행 가능자
- 원활한 의사소통 능력 및 문제 해결 역량을 보유하신 분


[조금 더 바란다면]
- MICE, 전시, 컨벤션 등 관련 경력자 우대
- SNS 채널, 온라인 라이브 등 경험자 우대
- 자원봉사 경험이 있거나 시민참여활동에 대한 관심이 높은 분
- 기후변화 등 환경 분야에 대한 관심이 높은 분
- 배우고자 하는 열망이 강한 분
- 영어 가능자(하) 우대


[입사 후 성장 과정]
입사 초기에는 국제 환경 단체 그린피스의 주요 환경 캠페인에 대한 이해도를 높일 수 있도록 교육이 단계적으로 이뤄질 예정입니다. 이후 그린피스 시민참여팀에 대한 이해를 높여나감과 동시에 개인에 맞는 역할과 책임을 부여하고 다양한 오프라인 행사를 함께 기획하고 진행할 계획입니다. 또한 포스트 코로나를 대비하여 직접 온오프라인 시민참여 행사를 기획하고 진행할 수 있는 역량을 갖춘 시민참여 전문가가 될 수 있도록 적극 지원 및 육성할 계획입니다.



연봉 최소 3,500이상


Job Segment: Volunteer Coordinator, NGO, Nonprofit, Government

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